Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019  7-9 PM


This year’s annual Capital of Texas Postcard Club Christmas/Holiday Party will be held December 3rd, 7 - 9 PM, at the SOUTH AUSTIN SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER, 3911 MANCHACA RD, 78704.

The Club will provide homemade tamales, beverages, including hot apple cider, and plates and utensils; participate, if you like, by bringing along something festive and seasonal to eat in the pot-luck tradition! 

Our yearly *gift exchange is a fun aspect of the party wherein those who would like to are encouraged to bring a wrapped present containing postcards or something postcard-related and we have fun exchanging these random surprise gifts (explanation below*).

Several dealers will bring postcards to sell, and you, too, are invited to bring along any postcards that you would like to sell, trade, or show and tell.

By the way, this is also the time of year that the Club collects dues, only $10.00 for the entire year, so re-up and support the Club!     


In preparation for our Christmas/holiday party, you will want to be thinking about what you might bring for our annual gift exchange if you would like to participate in it. The idea is that anyone who would like to should bring some postcards (usually anywhere from several to 6 or 8 or so) or a postcard-related item, wrapped as a gift. We place them in a pile, draw numbers, and in the order of the numbers each participant picks a gift and opens it. When it is one's turn to open a gift, a participant may choose to not open a gift but take a gift that has already been opened that may appeal to them; the person who originally opened it must forfeit the gift but then they get to open another gift in its place. At the end, the person who drew number one and opened the first gift gets a chance to trade their gift for anyone else’s in the room.


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